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PixelPoot Illustration TOS (Commissions)

When you submit a commission form you are automatically agreeing to the following TOS. 

Please see here for Traditional Badge TOS 

The basics;
You must be over the age of 18 to commission NSFW art
You must be over 16 to commission me regardless 

NSFW commissions are charged £20 extra per character. 

I have a right to refuse a commission theme or client. 

You have no right under any circumstances to generate or use my artwork as or for the use of NFT's or Generative Artificial Intelligence

I do not work with strict deadlines on large commissions.For birthday gifts, etc, please commission me at least one month prior to the deadline. Any ‘urgent’ commissions may result in a rush fee. 

Personal information:
All personal information you submit on the form is kept (encrypted) during the commission process only. Once the commission has been completed the form response is deleted. I will not sell your details to anyone, everything is kept confidential. 

Payment process:

Payments are sent to you as (£)GBP via PayPal via Invoice. Please use for currency conversion if applicable. 

My PayPal is You will be sent an invoice, and once paid you will be put into the que. 
You will have to pay for your slot within 24 hours upon receiving the invoice, unless discussed otherwise. 
If you do not pay, your slot will be given to someone else 
If you decide to cancel, please let me know asap so I can pass the slot to someone else 
If you repeatedly fail to make payments with no previous warning/reason, you could be blacklisted. 

I do not accept any other methods of payments other than PayPal.
I accept payment plans for large commissions, please select this option before you submit a form (if applicable). 

Work will not begin until full payment has been received. 

Gifts that are SFW are fine if you’re buying them for someone under 18, please do not use a parent’s bank details or paypal account. I do not work with minors, and if you’re caught doing this (it’s always obvious!) you will be blacklisted without warning. 

I am not responsible for a child using their parents PayPal account/card details to purchase a commission, however, if this has happened please email me ASAP - and I will gladly sort a refund out for you. Please do not backcharge. 
Sketches will be sent to you, but from that point of approval there will be 0 major changes accepted. 

Private commissions:

Commissions that are strictly private and are not to be posted by me anywhere, these will result in an extra fee depending on what type of commission you choose. 

Ordering a commission: 

Please ensure you have given the correct details regarding the commission as well as your contact/payment details. 

Please provide the following: 

A high-quality, un-shaded reference sheet / or / up to three pieces of artwork that show clear and concise details of the character (but is not heavily shaded or rendered) 

Any other important information I will need to know about in regards to the commission, please put this in the ‘commission information’ box. 
(Example: please could my character be wearing her blue rimmed glasses, a green tank-top, blue shorts, and holding a cocktail while smiling. The background is a sunny beach with palm trees, and a clear blue sea.)

What i will not draw: 

Pornographic content including: Ferals, Cubs, Loli, etc  
Extreme NSFW content or fetishes (if unsure please ask!) 
Anti-LGBTQ+/Racist content/hate themes/etc 
Copyrighted Characters (Pokemon, Digemon, etc) unless ‘fan-made’ 
Native Cultural inspired themes (native American etc)
Detailed robotic parts, armour, etc

I will draw most fetish/nsfw themes, feel free to ask if you are unsure! 


What I will draw: 

SFW: Feral and cub/babyfur characters
Monsters, Demons, Hybrids, Detailed characters
NSFW Anthros/Aliens/Creatures/etc
Generally any theme! 

Extra Charges: 

Extra charges /may/ apply if: 
The content is NSFW (+£20 per character)
Character is very detailed 
Character has large wings or multiple assets
Complex poses/clothing/items 


Refunds are offered at a case by case basis. If your piece has not been started, you will receive a full refund. If it has been partially started, you will receive a refund at a percentage usually depending on the amount of time it has taken me so far. If I cancel your commission, you will receive a full refund.

If I feel you have been unreasonable, or abusive, please note you may be refused a commission in the future. I have the right to refuse any commission, and refund it case by case basis, if I feel you have been unreasonable and unfair.

While I understand life can throw a curveball, please let me know as soon as possible about any potential delays or refunds that are needed. 

My artwork is © under ‘PixelPoot Illustration’ and I reserve the right to post commissions anywhere online. Unless discussed: your artwork will NOT be sold at conventions but may be used as an example.  

Any further questions, please feel free to email me at

Trello Que

Thank you so much for reading through my TOS, I look forward to your commission! 

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