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Q: Which conventions are you attending?

A:I will be attending ScotiaCon 2024, and will hopefully be in the Artist Alley/Dealers Den! Keep an eye out on my Social Media's (linked at the bottom) for announcements! 

Q: Can I commission you?

A: Absolutely! Please see my Commissions page, if I'm open there will be a form to fill in!

Q: Can I commission you for a pet portrait?

A: Yes, However i do not do realistic Styles, Please only commission me if you want something cartoony!

Q: I want to commission something, but I can't see any examples on your website?

A: Contact me via the Contact Form! I love working with new projects, and will be happy to discuss ideas. 

Q: How long will my commission take?

A: Please refer to my TOS (Terms of service) Page. I work part time on my art around a full-time design job, so fast turn arounds are not an option unfortunately! 

Q: What programs do you use?

A: Procreate, Paint Tools Sai, Photoshop.

Q: Are you a goblin?

A: Yes, I am indeed!

Q: Can I use your art?

A: Unless you have commissioned it, no. If you have commissioned me for it, you may use it for PERSONAL use only (logo on website, profile picture, re-upload in personal gallery) - but full credit must be given. This does NOT include use for sales (prints, merchandise, etc). If you would like to commission me for 'Commercial' art, please email me directly. 

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